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Powerful Perrisa's Stone Kalp prescribed to manage pain. In addition, heat therapy, such as a heating pad or warm bath, may provide some relief.

Recurrent stones

People who have had kidney stones in the past are at higher risk of developing them again. Drinking plenty of water, maintaining a healthy diet, and taking Perrisa's Stone Kalp will help.


Helps from kidney stones that can cause infection.

Difficulty passing the stone

If the kidney stone is too large or causing significant obstruction, it may need to be removed surgically, but stone kalp helps you to get rid of it.


A1. Kidney stones are small, hard mineral deposits that form inside the kidneys. They can cause severe pain and discomfort when they pass through the urinary tract.

A2. Symptoms of kidney stones may include severe pain in the side or back, nausea and vomiting, pain when urinating, and frequent urination.

A3. Kidney stones can be diagnosed through imaging tests such as ultrasound, CT scan, or X-ray. A urine test may also be performed to check for signs of infection or abnormal substances.

A4.    Kidney stones are typically caused by a combination of factors, including dehydration, a diet high in certain minerals such as calcium and oxalate, and certain medical conditions such as gout and hyperparathyroidism.

A5.Yes, kidney stones can often be prevented by drinking plenty of water, reducing salt and animal protein intake, and avoiding foods high in oxalate.

A7. Treatment for kidney stones may include pain management, drinking plenty of fluids to help pass the stone, or medical procedures such as lithotripsy or surgery to remove the stone.

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